March 2018 Giving Back - Educational Projects in Guatemala




At Chamoly Accessories we are so grateful for the growth of our business and we believe that we (and all organizations) SHOULD share with those in need. Every month we select a theme for donation and partner with nonprofits that will receive 10% of our net profit as a donation.

During the month of March 2018, we will be donating 10% of our net profit to educational projects in Guatemala. These projects will offer boys and girls in poverty with primary education by building a pre-school and launching an after-school program, providing them with opportunities to exit the cycle of poverty and violence. 

See how & who you'll be helping this month:


Continue Guatemalan afterschool project for 60 kids

 "In this neighborhood ( Quetzaltenango), drug, violence, and alcohol are prevalent. The afterschool project wants to continue to safeguard up to 60 children. It ensures their developmental and educational needs are met through play, creative handicrafts, cooking workshops and participating in sports and dance. Aged between 5 and 14, most come from one parent families and often have to fend for themselves after attending primary school in the morning. Therefore, Caras Alegres is invaluable to the community. After attending school in the morning, there is ample opportunity for these children to become involved in activities that would be detrimental to their welfare. Our aim is to keep every child away from gangs, street crime and other influences such as drugs and alcohol. These underprivileged children are captured in a vicious cycle through lack of education and opportunities, some even have to deal with their fathers being in prison. The children and the whole community would benefit." - Asociacion Caras Alegres



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Help Launch a Preschool in the Village of Joconal

This project will provide early childhood education to 16 children in the coffee village of Joconal. 

"School in Joconal does not start until 1st grade, and children cannot begin until they are 7 years old. The 1st-grade teacher in Joconal is responsible for teaching the children everything they should have learned in Preschool and Kindergarten. Without access to learning resources before school, they often fall behind in school. Many of the students starting 1st-grade drop out of school by 6th grade. We provide access to a certified Preschool education program and work with the community to sustain the program long-term. Our program will help children ages 4 thru 6 prepare for 1st grade. Many of the parents have wanted this opportunity for their children for years, so they have offered to build us a classroom! We will educate 16 students in our first year, helping them to gain a love for learning. Children in Preschool programs are more likely to graduate high school, earn higher salaries, give back to society, and are less likely to get in trouble with the law. Long-term, we want to empower these children through education to overcome the cycle of poverty." - Lan Vwa Inc



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